“This is a very well written, clear and to the point business manual for aspiring business owners.

It is designed in progressive steps, including day planner sections, which I find to be helpful. You can actually write in this book, so its’ like a notebook from school.  This helps to crystallize my thoughts and put them into action.

I love the advice for social media and website too…many different points that have never occurred to me.

All in all..love it!” Theresa, Ridgefield Park, NJ


Entrepreneurs often feel that their own business is their “baby” this is a passion that they are willing to pour their heart and soul into, do whatever it takes attitude, often without knowing all of the complexities involved with creating a successful business! But forward we go filled with enthusiasm!  The journey is  a little like having your first child and some of us might remember the guidance and reassurance we received from a little book called “What to Expect When You Are Expecting” Heidi Murkoff  The book explained what lies ahead, comforting the new mother and offering options on how to improve some circumstances!

How fantastic it would be if we had the same type support and resource when starting our own business….

This void has now been filled by, A Business Toolkit, by Kristine Carney of Yellow Dog Designs, revealing business strategies from branding to marketing to analytics and my favorite, page 66 Facebook Schedule of Postings!

Finally, a Toolkit to show us everything we didn’t know, we didn’t know, about starting a business!

The Toolbox Kit helps eliminate the possibility for failure, Thanks Kristine!  Cathy, Franklin Lakes, NJ


“This manual really helped me start my business. All the information is in one place and I followed along the chapters to get my business going. The questions for website was a big help to get my designer to create a website for my brand.”   -Kim, Montclair , NJ


“I can’t believe all the information in here actually helped me to put my dream in motion! I have been thinking of starting my business but felt very overwhelmed in what to do first and how to get it all done. So much to think about. This manual helped me write it all down, schedule my social media and had great references to figuring out my branding! I recommend this manual to anyone starting a business!”   -Jane, Closter, NJ