Name: Sonia Garcia

My Business is:
Silk City Settlement and Services 

When finding a notary becomes a hassle, you’re unable to travel or you just need a document notarized quickly and accurately, call Silk City Settlement & Services.


Let’s Talk:
973-304-1818 (office)
973-449-5200 (cell)

Silk City Settlement & Services

The biggest obstacle I had to overcome, was the fear of stepping into the unknown.

Here I am starting a business not sure if I would be able to do it on my own. From working for someone to working for myself, was a bit of scary! Could I even do this alone!

Then I realized, in order to make something happen, you have to take risks.

Nothing in life is guaranteed! So, I had a mental shift and realized my time is now!

There’s nothing more rewarding and fulfilling then to pave the way for others
to have the courage to build their own dreams and a future legacy for their families! You become the role model, you become the woman that people aspire to be, and you become strength for others who also are scared to start on their own.

When I thought of all this, I used this as my “why” to keep moving forward and not let my dreams go. You never know who’s life you can touch and change as a result!

I am glad I made the decision to be an entrepreneur and would do it again!  Never regret taking a chance on what you want to do for yourself and your future! Those silent whispers you hear in your heart , is the nudge you need to take a chance and make it happen! We only have one life, so live it without regret!

Silk City Settlement & Services