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I thought that it would be easy to talk about myself. I grew up in Parana, South Brazil. I still remember my entire childhood, ane my friends are still there.

I am 37 years old now. I left my country in 1996 when I was 16 years old, when my father made the decision to have a better life .

Being 16 years old should be the BEST age of your life! The age where you fall in love, the age where you have a lots of friends, the age where you decide what you really want to become in life.

I can’t blame my parents for bringing me with them on their new journey, but for a teenager its a process to realize this new beginning, to learn a new language and to get a accustom to a new everything.

All I wanted to do was to study to become a Psychologist for special needs children.  After a year being here,  I started to face many problems. My mom started suffering from a disease called Lupus ( Little by litter disabling the organs ) She has only one kidney and  this time it was her heart. She had a open heart surgery.  I remembered  the same week seeing my mother on ICU, my father went to work and never come back. He just left us.

After that day, I took all responsibility to take care of my mother. I went to work at a bakery two blocks way from my apartment because I needed to get be close to her. We are alone now…it broke my heart to leave her alone.

At the bakery, I meet Claudia one of the most wonderful person I’ve ever met in my life!  After that day, we became best friends and she ask me to help her in a nanny position -as an extra job.

A few months later,  I started working as a nanny with her during the week, and on the weekends I was working at the bakery. Unfortunately for me, I  wasn’t making enough money because my moms medication bills were $500 month, so I started cleaning houses too.

Claudia came to live with me just to help me out and share all the responsibilities that I had in taking care of my mother. She lived with me until I meet my husband and then he took on all my problems upon himself and asked me to married him. I now have 2 beautiful children, and 15 years of a good life,  I can’t thank God enough for what I have.

During that time I was still working with my best friend as a nanny. One day we were shopping and we saw a sign looking for nanny and she had the bright idea. We decided to open a agency to help people looking for a nanny or housekeeper or place people who are looking to be hired as a nanny or housekeeper.

We had been partners for 13 years and we are sister and best friends forever.

Claudia and her family decided to take a vacation. A few hours after they left, I received a phone call from her mother. There had a terrible car accident and I immediately said that I would go to the hospital to see them. But her mother replied “Please don’t go – there is nothing we can do. They’re all gone.”

My Best friend found love, dreamt of being a good mother to my godson, who was only 5 years old. The hardest moment for me was to said goodbye. We never said goodbye to each other.

It took a year to process the feeling of being so lost. But now I have, and I need to get back on my feet and continue moving forward for myself. Doing it alone is going to be very hard.

The day I went to her grave to say goodbye, I found Lady Savant, a networking group that helps entreprenuers to grow their businesses and encourages women to succeed in life and in business…

I have to Thank You -Brandyn Coe- for opening this opportunity for me.

This is the end of a story and a new beginning…

Call for Nannies and KeepersCall for Nannies and Keepers