Name: Deirdre Mahon

My Business is: DeeVa Beauty


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I have always been fascinated with beauty, glamour and makeup. And growing up I couldn’t get enough of my Glamour and Vogue magazines and am a huge fan of the all the Old Hollywood movie starlets.

I loved the glamour, the subtle seductiveness – I loved the power these screen vixens had. I always had big dreams about being my own boss and somehow being in the beauty industry.

I had gotten my cosmeticians license after high school and freelanced several years for Lauder and Lancome. I was on my way. But somehow life has a way of taking you down another road…taking you the long way around.

My story has a lot to it but the short version is one of drugs, dysfunction, denial, co-dependency, depression, disappointment, despair and a whole bunch of other words that start with the letter ‘d’.  You see, I fell in love and felt in my soul I was spiritually connected to a man…. a good man, a kind man, a charming and fun man with warm Italian brown eyes ……but with a cocaine addiction. I tried my best to help him and then tried my best to leave him…I was unsuccessful at doing either. But when I couldn’t help him and I couldn’t leave him…. I joined him.  I thought I could save him. I just ended up trying to save myself. I thought I could love him thru it. I just ended up hating myself.

I lived in a world of self-doubt and no self-worth and was afraid to go out into the world. I was isolated and alone.

I truly believe that it was here in my darkest moments of sadness and loneliness that I truly connected with the lost and forgotten animals of the world and why I am so passionate about helping them. The reasons WHY I fell into the black whole and it took me so long to dig myself out are better left for another time.

But when I finally picked my sad and broken, depressed self up off of the floor from not living the life I was destined to live, I realized I had two missions in what was left of my life.

1: To help women feel empowered, beautiful, confident and believe in themselves.

2: To help all abused and abandoned animals that are voiceless and alone.

My ‘story’ isn’t all gloom and doom though as I’m not that person and that’s not my life anymore.

I have a new ‘story’.  And they start with three words that begin with the letter ‘c’.

Choices, Chances, Changes.

You must make a Choice, take a Chance and Change your life.

I like myself now. I am proud of what I’ve come through and what I have accomplished. I am a glamour and bridal makeup artist now and the proud owner of DeeVa, a mobile makeup and hair service in NJ.

Prom * Bridal * Head Shots * Glam/Boudoir *Private or Group makeup lessons.

It wasn’t easy, as I had no business or marketing background, was still isolated and had no outside help from anyone. I didn’t even know anyone that owned their own business.  I learned from making costly mistakes and trying again and again….and yet again. It was also 2008 right at the start of the financial crash and I was laid off from my job. One step forward, two steps backward but I moved forward.

Then my husband died…. suddenly and unexpectantly. The love of my life. I was crushed. Thank God for my two little poodles that gave me a reason to get up in the morning.

When I started my business I wanted to figure out a way I could do what I like and enjoy and make a living at, but to also figure out a way I could help the animals…which is a HUGE passion of mine, so I ‘give back’ with a portion of every paid makeup service I do and donate to various animal charities.

I truly believe every person in business has the power to help and to change the world. Pick a cause you are passionate about and make a difference. It’s hard to understand while you are going through the challenges or pain that usually the worst things that happen to us in life lead us to the best things that will ever happen to us and lead us to our true missions and passions. Though I know better now, at the time I thought I was the only one in the world that had a story like mine and I needed to hide and never speak of it or share it.

Now I know everyone has a ‘story’.

I want to use mine to help and heal. Motivate and make a difference. Inspire and bring hope. I’m looking forward to being a new member of the Lady Savant sisterhood, and now that I have found my tribe I hope they will support, help and guide me into  new adventures. I am excited about moving onto a new chapter of my life and business with a new ‘target’ audience that where I can use my  skills, strengths, experiences and wisdom to inspire. Your self-love begins to externalize itself in many forms, and one way that I’ve found to boost your self- love is seeing the outer beauty in yourself. That in turn gives you the self-confidence and motivation to go out and rock the world and be a boss woman. At its core value of what I stand for…I am passionate about women feeling confident and empowered.

Empowered women can change the world!

Whether a bride,  a CEO of a big company, or a widow longing for a second chance at love…..  I want you to shine.

To see your Goddess like qualities.

To see and ‘feel’ your POWER!!!


Don’t give up hope.

Never be afraid or ashamed to tell your story.