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I’ve discovered a key to successful entrepreneurship, something that is vital to all business owners, irrespective of experience, size, number of employees or the nature of the establishment.

Before revealing the key- that one piece of information that every business owner needs to know- I’m going to share a bit of my story.

For me, the birth of my physical business began with the creation of a Facebook page, followed shortly thereafter by my website. Subsequent business cards, signage and marketing followed the publishing of both my memoir and a self-help book. Obtaining business bank accounts and the formation of an LLC occurred naturally as a result of my growth. This week, I purchased a building in which to house my work with other like-minded professionals, slated to open June 1, 2016.

All of this occurred within the last year. That’s right, within one year all of this expansion developed (but of course the IDEAS brewed long before that!).

 Carrie Beleno

Now, my line of work (at this point anyway) has not created independent wealth, and I’m okay with that. It has led me to realize, however, what the key ingredient is to remaining focused on my goals and ensuring success at each and every level of expansion.

No, it’s not hiring an analyst or a marketing team. It’s not choosing Weebly over GoDaddy or self-publishing over an established publishing house. It’s much, much simpler than that:

It’s following your gut. That’s it, following your intuition.

Before you roll your eyes and stop reading, consider this: All amazing, fantastic and innovative ideas were birthed through intuition (think Disney, Tesla and Edison). I’m quite sure they had gut feelings about their ideas and designs, felt passion in their hearts about them, and moved forward (mostly) fearlessly, to their fruition.

True entrepreneurship today requires leading with the heart, not the mind. Sure, our minds do the critical analyzing about insurance rates and leases and such, but the heart should be our compass.

Stop for a moment and feel…does your heart sing with joy over the direction of the business? Do you feel passion about your commitment? These feelings are critical, because they are what will guide us when we are faced with roadblocks while moving forward. We all face challenges as we develop and grow our businesses, this is natural.

But it is vital to check in with your heart and gut…does it still feel right? Does that next move resonate with your goals and values? If not, time to shift gears until it does resonate. Your confidence will come into question and you’ll need to be able to validate your decisions with 100% certainty.

Today’s entrepreneurship means leading with our heart, not our ego. Those days are over, as evident in our current political agenda. Want to be on the cutting edge of success? Employ your mind, the ego, as assistant to the president, and nominate your heart and soul as the leader.