Name: Carol A. Newlands 

My Business is:  Owner: Path 2 Longevity, LLC .


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When people ask me “What I do?”…I often tell them..”let me first describe Who I am”..and so I will start my introduction off on that note. I am on the cusp of being 65…to some that sounds old..but to me…it is only the continuation of this fascinating journey called “life”. No text book, no church, no person is capable of preparing you for it…you must be prepared to crash and burn if necessary so you can pick up the most valuable pieces and move forward…and that is how I came to where I am now..A Personal Development Coach, certified health, life (specializing in creating your life working with the Universal Laws), hypnosis, reiki master, aromatherapist and a “recovered Alcoholic”.

I went through a divorce at 50, and after 20 years in the fashion industry as a VP I was no longer needed and replaced by computers and those much younger then myself. I took a job as a personal shopper and never worked as hard in my life. There was no me time, no socializing, no time to “be still” to create, I gave up and gave in to the realization that this was going to be “it” for me..I turned to wine and my library of Metaphysical books every night to “unwind” and I became very much addicted, and the medication I was put on didn’t stop me from drinking and I spiraled down and fell down the rabbit hole, where the “tea” party was in full swing.

My 2 beautiful sons carted me off to rehab..where I learned that I was still valuable, that I needed to take responsibility for my actions and make a choice..Is my life over? Or Is this an opportunity? I got out, left my job and went back to school and got certified in every arena that I had dabbled in and that my soul resonated with…all these modalities replaced AA for me in that they worked together, mind-body-soul…Having a degree in psychology, and the accumulated certifications … becoming a coach was the natural evolution, because history taught me that throughout my entire career what was asked mostly of me was “advice”…it was a gift that God had bestowed on me early on.

It was a struggle starting out,I was not computer literate ,no idea how to put my vision of my company out there,how would I find my audience..somehow I felt everyone younger had mastered all of this while my generation were dinosaurs..So I joined a few networking groups, women’s entrepreneur groups and there they were..the Universe brought me the web designer, the connections for my first speaking engagement…and that is how Path2Longevity was born. Now 5 years later I work with people to educate them on how to harness their own creative power to build the life and the health they only dreamed of.It is never too late to change where you are in your life, if it is a career, a relationship, an addiction, even location.…but you can not do it alone..and I am forever indebted to this group of women, of all ages, that I can call “my family”. The women that support me, direct me when in need, and ask direction of me when they need it to move forward. I leave you with my favorite quote: ”Out of the depths of despair…lie the seeds to an even greater benefit .” Bill Harris Founder of Centerpoint Research.