19Name: Mallika Malhotra

My Business is: mikifoto


Website :

www.mikifoto.com www.instagram.com/mikifotonj

Let’s Talk:

tel: 352.682.2533

My name is Mallika Malhotra and I am the visual storyteller behind mikifoto, located in Short Hills, NJ. I help families and women entrepreneurs feel more confident and connected in life and business through photography, branding, social media and creative workshops.


What hurdle did you overcome with your business?

About a year and a half ago, I felt the urge to do something more with my photography business. I wanted to start sharing my knowledge about entrepreneurship, branding and social media and how we can use our stories to boost our businesses. It was very scary to move out from behind the camera (my comfort zone) to in front of an audience. I had to develop a new confidence and skill set to becoming more visible.

How did you solve it?

I started small. I first set up intimate, small group workshops out of my home where I led round table discussions. Then, I booked speaking presentations with a larger audience in local women’s networking groups. I started to create content and began charging workshop fees for topics like Instagram and Vision Boarding. Over time, I felt more confident and more passionate about sharing what I know and what has worked for my own business. I learned you just have to take the leap and keep learning as you are going and growing. Don’t let fear stop your progress. The outcome was happy attendees who learned something new and felt inspired to try a new business tool, plus building a community of passionate, savvy entrepreneurs. I felt more fulfilled and energized as well. I have a new love for leading workshops and events.