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Stacey with MatimooMy Business is:  Matimoo


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In March we celebrated our one year anniversary as a brand and as the Creative Director, I can attest to the fact that this has been quite a journey and a labor of love. When starting Matimoo, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but one year later I can tell you that it has been one of the most fulfilling projects while quite possibly one of the hardest. If you followed us from the beginning we launched our core bracelet in four color ways and began promoting it via social media channels the main one being Instagram.  With the help of some amazing friends along the way word began to spread around the local tri-state area and then soon after orders began coming from across the country and even Canada. It was the beginning of an exciting year, in late spring 2015 we launched more color combinations and since then we have continued to evolve the collection up till this day. Over the course of the past year we have sponsored and participated in several events across the tri-state area ranging from Charity events, women’s shopping events, and even street fairs. Each one of these venues have been extremely unique and have played a major role in growing our presence as a brand.

Mati Moo

My Strategy

Within the first couple of months we were fortunate enough to gain acceptance into small boutiques across the NY/NJ area and even became a popular trending brand in various Facebook groups. With a longtime career in the fashion industry I had enlisted close friends and even past colleagues to assist in my mission to spread the word.  My vision has been and remains to keep my brand as an affordable, asprirational, and attainable collection for all ages. These are the components that continue to drive Matimoo and will remain in place as our core principles as we continue to grow one step at a time. In one years’ time we have sold roughly 6,000 bracelets and a lot of work has gone into ensuring that our customers are fully satisfied. My goal isn’t for Matimoo to be a one hit wonder but a brand that sustains and continues to build momentum over the course of time. It is for that reason that I choose to grow my brand at a more strategic pace in an effort to ensure that each facet of the Matimoo brand is never compromised.

The Lessons along the way

Initially as I began receiving orders I could handle the amount on my own. The most time consuming part of Matimoo is that we inspect each bracelet prior to shipping, therefore the process is extremely time consuming. Back in October I realized I could no longer do it on my own, while managing the other aspects of the business especially leading into the holiday season. Stressed out and overwhelmed I decided to post an ad on Craigslist and the next step of building Matimoo began. As I built a team comprised of part timers who helped inspect, tighten, and adjust each bracelet to meet my set standards of quality control. I knew that the next phase of Matimoo was well under way.  Having been in the industry for a long time and watching brands struggle as a result of quality issues. This made me extremely attentive and possibly obsessive with ensuring that I was managing this part of my business seamlessly. If someone had ever told me that a bracelet on a wax cord which is also fully adjustable would be so complex, I would have never been able to wrap my head around it.  Well fast forward to 2016 and I can tell you that there is a lot more to this little bracelet than meets the eye.

The Moment’s you never forget along the way

(201) Gold Coast May 2016out

I learned a lot about myself this year and my ability to wear several different hats while juggling a million tasks. I had always worked for major corporations and along with that came stability and structure so starting my own business didn’t necessarily provide any of that. However, I created my own structure and incorporated the same skills that made me successful in my previous roles to building my own business. The only difference this time around is that the only person I answer to is myself at the end of each day. One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned this year is just how amazing my friends are and how I am so grateful to everyone for their unwavering support throughout my journey. During my peak season several of my closest friends (You all know who you are) came to my office to help tighten and adjust bracelets so that I could fulfill all of my orders. Additionally so many of my nearest and dearest have posted on social media, have promoted Matimoo to local stores, and in some cases on days where we had multiple events scheduled they helped me out by running an event. I believe that life is full of many lessons and sometimes you learn more than you anticipate, I began building Matimoo on a quest to expand my horizons while utilizing my background as my foundation. As I mentioned earlier, I have indeed learned a lot about myself and my inner strength. However, I think above all else, I learned a lot more about the people around me and just how fortunate I am to be blessed with such an amazing group of friends. As we continue forward to our second year, the lesson I would love to pass on to any reader is how important surrounding yourself with positive energy will undoubtedly produce a positive outcome in your life. Thank you for your support & keep looking for new Mati-moments.

Conceive it, Believe it, and you will Achieve it!


Nubia Diaz

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Nubia DiazMy Business is:  Call For Nannies and Keepers


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I thought that it would be easy to talk about myself. I grew up in Parana, South Brazil. I still remember my entire childhood, ane my friends are still there.

I am 37 years old now. I left my country in 1996 when I was 16 years old, when my father made the decision to have a better life .

Being 16 years old should be the BEST age of your life! The age where you fall in love, the age where you have a lots of friends, the age where you decide what you really want to become in life.

I can’t blame my parents for bringing me with them on their new journey, but for a teenager its a process to realize this new beginning, to learn a new language and to get a accustom to a new everything.

All I wanted to do was to study to become a Psychologist for special needs children.  After a year being here,  I started to face many problems. My mom started suffering from a disease called Lupus ( Little by litter disabling the organs ) She has only one kidney and  this time it was her heart. She had a open heart surgery.  I remembered  the same week seeing my mother on ICU, my father went to work and never come back. He just left us.

After that day, I took all responsibility to take care of my mother. I went to work at a bakery two blocks way from my apartment because I needed to get be close to her. We are alone now…it broke my heart to leave her alone.

At the bakery, I meet Claudia one of the most wonderful person I’ve ever met in my life!  After that day, we became best friends and she ask me to help her in a nanny position -as an extra job.

A few months later,  I started working as a nanny with her during the week, and on the weekends I was working at the bakery. Unfortunately for me, I  wasn’t making enough money because my moms medication bills were $500 month, so I started cleaning houses too.

Claudia came to live with me just to help me out and share all the responsibilities that I had in taking care of my mother. She lived with me until I meet my husband and then he took on all my problems upon himself and asked me to married him. I now have 2 beautiful children, and 15 years of a good life,  I can’t thank God enough for what I have.

During that time I was still working with my best friend as a nanny. One day we were shopping and we saw a sign looking for nanny and she had the bright idea. We decided to open a agency to help people looking for a nanny or housekeeper or place people who are looking to be hired as a nanny or housekeeper.

We had been partners for 13 years and we are sister and best friends forever.

Claudia and her family decided to take a vacation. A few hours after they left, I received a phone call from her mother. There had a terrible car accident and I immediately said that I would go to the hospital to see them. But her mother replied “Please don’t go – there is nothing we can do. They’re all gone.”

My Best friend found love, dreamt of being a good mother to my godson, who was only 5 years old. The hardest moment for me was to said goodbye. We never said goodbye to each other.

It took a year to process the feeling of being so lost. But now I have, and I need to get back on my feet and continue moving forward for myself. Doing it alone is going to be very hard.

The day I went to her grave to say goodbye, I found Lady Savant, a networking group that helps entreprenuers to grow their businesses and encourages women to succeed in life and in business…

I have to Thank You -Brandyn Coe- for opening this opportunity for me.

This is the end of a story and a new beginning…

Call for Nannies and KeepersCall for Nannies and Keepers


Deirdre Mahon

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Name: Deirdre Mahon

My Business is: DeeVa Beauty


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I have always been fascinated with beauty, glamour and makeup. And growing up I couldn’t get enough of my Glamour and Vogue magazines and am a huge fan of the all the Old Hollywood movie starlets.

I loved the glamour, the subtle seductiveness – I loved the power these screen vixens had. I always had big dreams about being my own boss and somehow being in the beauty industry.

I had gotten my cosmeticians license after high school and freelanced several years for Lauder and Lancome. I was on my way. But somehow life has a way of taking you down another road…taking you the long way around.

My story has a lot to it but the short version is one of drugs, dysfunction, denial, co-dependency, depression, disappointment, despair and a whole bunch of other words that start with the letter ‘d’.  You see, I fell in love and felt in my soul I was spiritually connected to a man…. a good man, a kind man, a charming and fun man with warm Italian brown eyes ……but with a cocaine addiction. I tried my best to help him and then tried my best to leave him…I was unsuccessful at doing either. But when I couldn’t help him and I couldn’t leave him…. I joined him.  I thought I could save him. I just ended up trying to save myself. I thought I could love him thru it. I just ended up hating myself.

I lived in a world of self-doubt and no self-worth and was afraid to go out into the world. I was isolated and alone.

I truly believe that it was here in my darkest moments of sadness and loneliness that I truly connected with the lost and forgotten animals of the world and why I am so passionate about helping them. The reasons WHY I fell into the black whole and it took me so long to dig myself out are better left for another time.

But when I finally picked my sad and broken, depressed self up off of the floor from not living the life I was destined to live, I realized I had two missions in what was left of my life.

1: To help women feel empowered, beautiful, confident and believe in themselves.

2: To help all abused and abandoned animals that are voiceless and alone.

My ‘story’ isn’t all gloom and doom though as I’m not that person and that’s not my life anymore.

I have a new ‘story’.  And they start with three words that begin with the letter ‘c’.

Choices, Chances, Changes.

You must make a Choice, take a Chance and Change your life.

I like myself now. I am proud of what I’ve come through and what I have accomplished. I am a glamour and bridal makeup artist now and the proud owner of DeeVa, a mobile makeup and hair service in NJ.

Prom * Bridal * Head Shots * Glam/Boudoir *Private or Group makeup lessons.

It wasn’t easy, as I had no business or marketing background, was still isolated and had no outside help from anyone. I didn’t even know anyone that owned their own business.  I learned from making costly mistakes and trying again and again….and yet again. It was also 2008 right at the start of the financial crash and I was laid off from my job. One step forward, two steps backward but I moved forward.

Then my husband died…. suddenly and unexpectantly. The love of my life. I was crushed. Thank God for my two little poodles that gave me a reason to get up in the morning.

When I started my business I wanted to figure out a way I could do what I like and enjoy and make a living at, but to also figure out a way I could help the animals…which is a HUGE passion of mine, so I ‘give back’ with a portion of every paid makeup service I do and donate to various animal charities.

I truly believe every person in business has the power to help and to change the world. Pick a cause you are passionate about and make a difference. It’s hard to understand while you are going through the challenges or pain that usually the worst things that happen to us in life lead us to the best things that will ever happen to us and lead us to our true missions and passions. Though I know better now, at the time I thought I was the only one in the world that had a story like mine and I needed to hide and never speak of it or share it.

Now I know everyone has a ‘story’.

I want to use mine to help and heal. Motivate and make a difference. Inspire and bring hope. I’m looking forward to being a new member of the Lady Savant sisterhood, and now that I have found my tribe I hope they will support, help and guide me into  new adventures. I am excited about moving onto a new chapter of my life and business with a new ‘target’ audience that where I can use my  skills, strengths, experiences and wisdom to inspire. Your self-love begins to externalize itself in many forms, and one way that I’ve found to boost your self- love is seeing the outer beauty in yourself. That in turn gives you the self-confidence and motivation to go out and rock the world and be a boss woman. At its core value of what I stand for…I am passionate about women feeling confident and empowered.

Empowered women can change the world!

Whether a bride,  a CEO of a big company, or a widow longing for a second chance at love…..  I want you to shine.

To see your Goddess like qualities.

To see and ‘feel’ your POWER!!!


Don’t give up hope.

Never be afraid or ashamed to tell your story.









Donna Gould

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Name: Donna Gould

My Business is: Open Heart Creative


Let’s Talk:


Donna Gould

Sometimes the biggest obstacle is the one we can’t see coming.

I spent a year and a half developing the foundation for what would become Open Heart Creative. When I left my full-time job as a communications director, I knew I wanted to work with women who were running small businesses and needed marketing help. I just wasn’t sure how.

So I talked with women I knew and asked about their challenges. They introduced to me to women who worked with small business owners, and I listened as they shared their thoughts.

Gradually I pieced together the parameters of my new business. It would call on my strengths as a strategic thinker, seasoned marketing pro, and copywriter.

Then I stalled. Something was stopping me from pulling the trigger, choosing a business name, launching a website. I didn’t think it was fear: I’d already taken the leap, left my day job, and started doing consulting work.

One weekend I went to visit a dear friend who has a home near Woodstock, N.Y. She knew I was struggling, and generously gifted me a session with one of her favorite energy medicine practitioners. The woman was lovely, and the session left me feeling calm and meditative. Afterward we sat outside sipping tea.

“So I understand you’re starting a business,” she said. I told her I was.

“Something to do with mentoring women?” she asked.

I was about to say, “No,” and explain what I’d figured out so far. But the word “mentoring” really resonated. Like someone flipping a switch.

“I’ve never looked at it quite like that, but I guess so, in a way,” I said.

“So what’s stopping you?” she replied.

Tears sprang up. As I struggled with an unexpected surge of emotion, she gently asked:

“Is it because you don’t think anyone will value what you have to offer?”

And there it was. During those months of fact-finding and soul-searching and scribbling in notebooks, I had drilled deep down to define the business I wanted to have. Which wasn’t exactly the business I believed people expected me to have.

The closer I got to what was in my heart, the more vulnerable I became. And the riskier the whole thing felt.

There is always risk in starting something, but this wasn’t just about fear of failure. It was about the value of my 30-plus years of work – and life – experience. The skills, insights, and understanding I’ve accumulated.

And it was about my ability to offer entrepreneurs more than just sage marketing advice and sparkling copy. I wanted to give them support and encouragement. Permission to be more of who they are. To – literally – help them find their voice.

Which meant being valued not only for what I do – but for who I am.

And what could be scarier than risking your self worth? 

We talked a bit longer, then said our goodbyes. As she walked me to my car, she left me with these words: “When we show up with clear intentions and our hearts open, things happen. All you have to do is show up.”

Open Heart Creative was born that day. It took another six months to hang out the “open for business” sign, but I knew I’d crossed a line. I had named my fear – and could now summon the courage to move through it.

The word “courage” is from the Old French “corage”, meaning “heart, innermost feelings, inner strength.” In the process of launching this business, I’ve learned it means letting go of old ideas and attachments – and being open to what’s next.

Open. Heart. How perfect.

open heart2

Carol A. Newlands

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Name: Carol A. Newlands 

My Business is:  Owner: Path 2 Longevity, LLC .


Let’s Talk:

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carol website


When people ask me “What I do?”…I often tell them..”let me first describe Who I am”..and so I will start my introduction off on that note. I am on the cusp of being 65…to some that sounds old..but to me…it is only the continuation of this fascinating journey called “life”. No text book, no church, no person is capable of preparing you for it…you must be prepared to crash and burn if necessary so you can pick up the most valuable pieces and move forward…and that is how I came to where I am now..A Personal Development Coach, certified health, life (specializing in creating your life working with the Universal Laws), hypnosis, reiki master, aromatherapist and a “recovered Alcoholic”.

I went through a divorce at 50, and after 20 years in the fashion industry as a VP I was no longer needed and replaced by computers and those much younger then myself. I took a job as a personal shopper and never worked as hard in my life. There was no me time, no socializing, no time to “be still” to create, I gave up and gave in to the realization that this was going to be “it” for me..I turned to wine and my library of Metaphysical books every night to “unwind” and I became very much addicted, and the medication I was put on didn’t stop me from drinking and I spiraled down and fell down the rabbit hole, where the “tea” party was in full swing.

My 2 beautiful sons carted me off to rehab..where I learned that I was still valuable, that I needed to take responsibility for my actions and make a choice..Is my life over? Or Is this an opportunity? I got out, left my job and went back to school and got certified in every arena that I had dabbled in and that my soul resonated with…all these modalities replaced AA for me in that they worked together, mind-body-soul…Having a degree in psychology, and the accumulated certifications … becoming a coach was the natural evolution, because history taught me that throughout my entire career what was asked mostly of me was “advice”…it was a gift that God had bestowed on me early on.

It was a struggle starting out,I was not computer literate ,no idea how to put my vision of my company out there,how would I find my audience..somehow I felt everyone younger had mastered all of this while my generation were dinosaurs..So I joined a few networking groups, women’s entrepreneur groups and there they were..the Universe brought me the web designer, the connections for my first speaking engagement…and that is how Path2Longevity was born. Now 5 years later I work with people to educate them on how to harness their own creative power to build the life and the health they only dreamed of.It is never too late to change where you are in your life, if it is a career, a relationship, an addiction, even location.…but you can not do it alone..and I am forever indebted to this group of women, of all ages, that I can call “my family”. The women that support me, direct me when in need, and ask direction of me when they need it to move forward. I leave you with my favorite quote: ”Out of the depths of despair…lie the seeds to an even greater benefit .” Bill Harris Founder of Centerpoint Research.

Carrie Beleno

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Carrie BelenoName: Carrie Beleno 

My Business is:  Owner: Beleno Spiritual Healing Center and Intuitive Reiki, LLC.


Let’s Talk:

(610) 297-6569

I’ve discovered a key to successful entrepreneurship, something that is vital to all business owners, irrespective of experience, size, number of employees or the nature of the establishment.

Before revealing the key- that one piece of information that every business owner needs to know- I’m going to share a bit of my story.

For me, the birth of my physical business began with the creation of a Facebook page, followed shortly thereafter by my website. Subsequent business cards, signage and marketing followed the publishing of both my memoir and a self-help book. Obtaining business bank accounts and the formation of an LLC occurred naturally as a result of my growth. This week, I purchased a building in which to house my work with other like-minded professionals, slated to open June 1, 2016.

All of this occurred within the last year. That’s right, within one year all of this expansion developed (but of course the IDEAS brewed long before that!).

 Carrie Beleno

Now, my line of work (at this point anyway) has not created independent wealth, and I’m okay with that. It has led me to realize, however, what the key ingredient is to remaining focused on my goals and ensuring success at each and every level of expansion.

No, it’s not hiring an analyst or a marketing team. It’s not choosing Weebly over GoDaddy or self-publishing over an established publishing house. It’s much, much simpler than that:

It’s following your gut. That’s it, following your intuition.

Before you roll your eyes and stop reading, consider this: All amazing, fantastic and innovative ideas were birthed through intuition (think Disney, Tesla and Edison). I’m quite sure they had gut feelings about their ideas and designs, felt passion in their hearts about them, and moved forward (mostly) fearlessly, to their fruition.

True entrepreneurship today requires leading with the heart, not the mind. Sure, our minds do the critical analyzing about insurance rates and leases and such, but the heart should be our compass.

Stop for a moment and feel…does your heart sing with joy over the direction of the business? Do you feel passion about your commitment? These feelings are critical, because they are what will guide us when we are faced with roadblocks while moving forward. We all face challenges as we develop and grow our businesses, this is natural.

But it is vital to check in with your heart and gut…does it still feel right? Does that next move resonate with your goals and values? If not, time to shift gears until it does resonate. Your confidence will come into question and you’ll need to be able to validate your decisions with 100% certainty.

Today’s entrepreneurship means leading with our heart, not our ego. Those days are over, as evident in our current political agenda. Want to be on the cutting edge of success? Employ your mind, the ego, as assistant to the president, and nominate your heart and soul as the leader.

Mallika Malhotra

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19Name: Mallika Malhotra

My Business is: mikifoto


Website :

Let’s Talk:

tel: 352.682.2533

My name is Mallika Malhotra and I am the visual storyteller behind mikifoto, located in Short Hills, NJ. I help families and women entrepreneurs feel more confident and connected in life and business through photography, branding, social media and creative workshops.


What hurdle did you overcome with your business?

About a year and a half ago, I felt the urge to do something more with my photography business. I wanted to start sharing my knowledge about entrepreneurship, branding and social media and how we can use our stories to boost our businesses. It was very scary to move out from behind the camera (my comfort zone) to in front of an audience. I had to develop a new confidence and skill set to becoming more visible.

How did you solve it?

I started small. I first set up intimate, small group workshops out of my home where I led round table discussions. Then, I booked speaking presentations with a larger audience in local women’s networking groups. I started to create content and began charging workshop fees for topics like Instagram and Vision Boarding. Over time, I felt more confident and more passionate about sharing what I know and what has worked for my own business. I learned you just have to take the leap and keep learning as you are going and growing. Don’t let fear stop your progress. The outcome was happy attendees who learned something new and felt inspired to try a new business tool, plus building a community of passionate, savvy entrepreneurs. I felt more fulfilled and energized as well. I have a new love for leading workshops and events.

Martha Fickinger

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Martha Fickinger

Name : Martha Fickinger

Style Venture Inc.

Let’s Connect:

The further I venture into my entrepreneurship adventure, the more I realize that things happen for a reason in a logical sequence. We have to live through the rough stuff to emerge out the other side more confident and competent. When we plunge into the unknown, we have no choice but to learn. The universe gives us signs we don’t always see at the time.

Jumping in: At 22, I was the youngest person in my office. Lack of seniority earned me the honor of transcontinental courier-ship for my first business trip. I went from JFK to LAX with 8 trunks of one-of-a-kind sweaters bound for a trade show. There was nary a skycap in sight when I landed. I somehow made it into a vehicle and found my way to a downtown hotel. Four hours later I set it up, I made it look good and had it ready for the senior sales team. Later I found a party, a recurring theme in my life to this day. Unbeknownst to me at the time, this was my initiation to working and playing  through sleep deprivation and jet lag. This talent served me for years of global sourcing adventures, as well as the early years of parenthood.

Trial by Fire: I was 30 and newly engaged. Karen was nine months pregnant when she hired me to run her department. She planned to come back after three months, but there were issues with her first child after the arrival of the second. The company was acquired and embarked into a rapid expansion under new ownership. New products were being added all the time, order quantities were quadrupled and financial expectations increased. One of my suppliers just couldn’t seem to do what I was asking them to do. My boss told me to get on a plane to India as soon as I could get a visa. At that time a trip to southern India from the east coast of the US meant a stop in Europe or Asia. It was a two day adventure just to get there. On day three I was expected to be up and working with my supplier until the samples looked right and the prices got better. Suffice it to say as the only American woman in the room, there were cultural challenges to meeting these expectations. It was hot, nobody else looked like me, my digestive tract was compromised, and I was tired as hell. The phones and fax machines didn’t work well. There was no internet. This was a time to learn tenacity and grace under pressure. In retrospect, I loved every moment. The colors, the light, the differences in the culture fascinated me. I was hooked.

Truly a Circus: I was 39, the mother of a two year old and eight months pregnant. I had a fledgling B To B consulting practice. I’d taken the plunge into local philanthropy as co-chair of the Junior Woman’s Club’s Ways and Means Committee. Our annual fall fundraiser at the time was a circus. A genuine, old school, one ring in a tent with side shows and performers of all nations and rescued animals Old Time Circus. An all general admission bleacher seats, no climate control, rain, animal stinky, screaming kids, cotton candy circus. And I was honorary ringmaster, giant belly, in my last pair of shoes that fit, managing the press, the crazy parents expecting VIP seating, the animal rights activists at the gate and kids melting down. I loved every minute of the chaos. I managed what I could, raised money for local causes, and learned to pick my battles. Now that I have two teenagers and two businesses and sit on two boards, the multitasking skill set serves me every day.

Getting Unstuck: Last year after representing W by Worth for 6 years, I found myself in a funk. I had a great group of loyal customers, had served on leadership panels, and continued to achieve Top Seller recognition. I had joined several local networking groups and loved the new contacts I made. Still, something was missing. I was ready for a new challenge. I’ve worked with sportswear and tailored clothing for men, women of all sizes, and kids. The apparel classification I’d never technically designed or sourced was lingerie. There I was, at a vendor event, meeting the familiar beauty and jewelry company representatives, and there was a woman from peach. And there I was, having a Bra-Ha Moment. I didn’t sign on right away. I can honestly say I recruited myself. The more I thought about it, the more I realized what a great synergy it had with my existing business. I could help women get dressed better from their base layer up, and I could broaden my customer base to teens, seniors, and women of all shapes and sizes. I dove in to being a bra fitter with a fabulous launch last summer. In January I attended  to peach’s Sucessfest in Miami and committed to building a team. Today I’m preparing to attend peach’s Leadership conference in Boston. In June I’ll be at Worth’s 25th Annual Preview Celebration as a Club Level seller. Today my challenge is to pick and choose the team members, clients, events and venues which can benefit most from what I do. I love to learn and I love to share. I am grateful to my past for where it has brought me.

Gracie Greene

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Name: Cathy Zahn

My Business is:
Gracie Greene
The Giving “Three” Foundation “
Catherine Zahn The Giving “Three” Foundation “ -making survival accessible.
~creating products that help educate the world. 100% of the Proceeds from your Gracie Greene purchase
are used to support the Zahn School in Cambodia.


Let’s Talk:
Tel: 201-638-1310

Zahn School in Cambodia

Overcoming a hurdle to help others overcome a greater hurdle—this is how it started for Gracie Greene, LLC. Our business challenge was to create a product that would raise awareness and funds to help fight Human Trafficking of young girls in Cambodia. What would that product be?

We created dolls made from 100% recycled materials, customized dog coats and finally decided that functional, one of a kind Tote Bags and accent Pillows would be our niche. Trial and error, focus group feedback as well as the organic nature of the burlap led us to our product lines. Our business model is designed so that Gracie Greene is a self-sufficient company earning funds from product sales, not relying on constant fund raising events for revenue. Gracie Greene, LLC is a non for profit company, donating 100% of the company profits to the Zahn School in Cambodia .  Recycling is part of our product creation. We design one of a kind, burlap coffee bean sack and leather tote bags and pillows. Business hurdle, no longer a hurdle, we have our products and manufacturing in place.

The greater hurdle is helping to keep young girls out of the sex trafficking rings in Cambodia. One solution is to enroll them or keep them in school, but in a country where so many things are stacked against them this is not an easy task. Following the genocide at the hands of the Khmer Rouge and continued, profound poverty, the despair here can drive a father to sell his young daughter for $50.

So, by now you must be thinking, what in the world can I/one person do to help? This social problem is so vast, is it worth mitigating and what good are my good intentions?

Through our partnership with World Assistance for Cambodia and a program called Girls Be Ambitious we developed a 2- step plan:

  1. give the children access to education by building schools in rural villages
  2. for each month that the child has perfect attendance the family receives $10, resulting in $120 for the year


Now everyone is incentivized to keep the children in school and for each year the child is educated she/he will move from oppression to opportunity! The Zahn School was opened in 2014 with the funds generated from Gracie Greene products.  Computers and an English Language Program will be the next donation for the school.

As we navigate through our businesses and encounter hurdles it is important to think through solutions from different points of views and to be realistic about the complexities of achieving change.  In the 1990s a Senator wanted to help Bangladeshi girls laboring in sweat shops, so he introduced legislation that would ban imports made by workers under the age of fourteen. Bangladeshi factories fired tens of thousands of these young girls and many ended up in brothels.

“Obstacles wouldn’t be called hurdles if there was not a way to get over them”


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Silk City Settlement and Services

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Name: Sonia Garcia

My Business is:
Silk City Settlement and Services 

When finding a notary becomes a hassle, you’re unable to travel or you just need a document notarized quickly and accurately, call Silk City Settlement & Services.


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973-304-1818 (office)
973-449-5200 (cell)

Silk City Settlement & Services

The biggest obstacle I had to overcome, was the fear of stepping into the unknown.

Here I am starting a business not sure if I would be able to do it on my own. From working for someone to working for myself, was a bit of scary! Could I even do this alone!

Then I realized, in order to make something happen, you have to take risks.

Nothing in life is guaranteed! So, I had a mental shift and realized my time is now!

There’s nothing more rewarding and fulfilling then to pave the way for others
to have the courage to build their own dreams and a future legacy for their families! You become the role model, you become the woman that people aspire to be, and you become strength for others who also are scared to start on their own.

When I thought of all this, I used this as my “why” to keep moving forward and not let my dreams go. You never know who’s life you can touch and change as a result!

I am glad I made the decision to be an entrepreneur and would do it again!  Never regret taking a chance on what you want to do for yourself and your future! Those silent whispers you hear in your heart , is the nudge you need to take a chance and make it happen! We only have one life, so live it without regret!

Silk City Settlement & Services

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