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This step-by-step manual will walk you through how to make your dream business become a reality! It helps you plan getting your business started – or, simply improving your businesses marketing or social media plans – and shows you exactly what you need to do. The manual includes instructions, websites, helpful tips and worksheets to keep you organized and on track. It was developed for the entrepreneur and also the established business in mind: all the little things you need to know but may spend hours and hours searching for the answers online – they’re all right here. You’ll find information on projects like how to start your Facebook business page, scheduling posts, developing logos, creating your website, where to look for tax information online, finding free photos and photo editing for social media, and much, much more. It’s all in one, easy to use manual, which will save you countless hours of research and time. Everything is in one place, so you can spend more time where you should be: building your business.

kris Hi! My name is Kris. I just want to let you know this manual came to fruition after years of helping entrepreneurs and small businesses begin their journey from turning their passion into a reality. I am a graphic and website designer and my passion is to make the world a more beautiful place visually. My business has evolved into consulting business owners on “how to” start their social media pages, create their brands, develop websites, advertise and more.

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Entrepreneur Toolkit For Beginners
This 83 page A Business Toolkit for Beginners streamlines the process to cut out the overwhelming feeling you get just thinking about starting your business! I'm giving you the steps to follow to take the plunge and move forward! If you have a business already, this will help you organize and keep you on track with social media, blogging, getting new clients as well as your budget.
We are in the information age. There is so much information to weed through and I have done if for you. I am giving you what you need to know. Visit our Facebook page and get links to great references, tips and connect with other entrepreneurs.


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